Dynamic and Programmed Assembly in Volume and at Interfaces

The self-assembly of soft and hybrid colloids into hierarchical structures opens new horizons for design of multi-scale materials with controlled surface, interfacial and bulk properties. Therefore, our group is fundamentally interested in investigating the self-assembly of isotropic and anisotropic, which are able to form structures and clusters of different shapes (raspberry-like, dumbbells, chains) rapidly, reversibly and controllably. We are addressing the kinetics of self-assembly at the single-particle level, showing that small, kinetically favored isomers join to form highly ordered but non-equilibrium large scale structures.

Selected key publications: Nature Communication 2017, 8, 15701; Faraday Discussions 2016, 191, 89-104; Langmuir 2014, 30, 12765-12774; Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 2013, 30, 922-930.