Head of department

Dr.-Ing. Ines Kuehnert
+49 351 4658 368 +49 351 4658 290


Mandy Fuelling
+49 351 4658 440 +49 351 4658 290

Fields of Work

Reaction Technology

  • Transfer of chemical reaction from lab scale to pilot line scale and generation of dater for further scale up
  • Research and control of aging processes in polymer materials
  • Design of functional nanocomposites

Compounding technology

  • Electron induced reactive processing
  • Compounding of flame retardant polymers
  • Reactive blending

Shaping processes and simulation

  • Design of interconnection during molding
  • Optimization of bonding between polymer materials and non polymers
  • Discovering of interface morphologies and failing behavior
  • Simulation of shaping processes

Fiber formation

  • Spinning of special, high performance and bio polymers
  • Structure formation at one and multiphase polymer materials during spinning
  • Bicomponent and hybrid spinning
  • Modelling of fibre formation
  • Limits of spinnability

Processing laboratory of thermoplastics

  • Design of reactive and physical compounding processes
  • Molding of test specimens
  • Extrusion of films, pipes and profiles
  • Process analytics on compounders
  • Praxis related tests on polymer materials

Flame retardant polymer materials

  • Multi component flame retardants
  • Biobased flame retardants
  • Flame retardancy of bio polymers

Reinforcing Fibres and Interphase Characterisation

  • spinning equipment for the melt spinning of glass fibres, simultaneous spinning of glass/polymer filaments (hybrid yarn)
  • Surface modification of reinforcing fibres by application of sizings and coatings
  • Micromechanical interphase characterization