Fields of Work

Complex Structural Components

  • Design and development of complex high-performance composite structures
  • Development of novel numerical methods for variable-axial composites
  • Research and development of tailored biomedical textile implants

Fracture mechanics and statistical mechanics of reinforced elastomeric blends

  • Characterization of elasomeric blends under uni- and biaxial load
  • Fracture mechanics of elastomers by J-integral concept
  • DFG research unit FOR 597

Online structure characterisation during deformation and fracture of polymers

  • Synchrotron x-ray small- and wide angle scattering (SAXS and WAXS) to follow structural changes

Mechanical characterization of polymers

  • Mechanical characterisation of polymers, composites, textiles, fibres and related materials as well as polymer materials for practical applications
  • Dynamic-mechanical and thermo-mechanical characterisation
  • Adhesion and fracture mechanics
  • Development of micro-mechanical techniques
  • Mechanical characterisation in the micro and nano range (including nanoindentation)
  • In-situ techniques for structure-properties relationships
  • Detection of structure and morphology by means of rheological methods
  • Micromechanical and failure behaviour of polymer composites