Mechanical Characterization

  • Universal testing machines [Zwick] (ranges 10 N to 100 kN, -90 to 250 °C, different long-distance extensiometers, in-situ video monitoring)
  • Servo-Hydraulic testing machine 810 [MTS] (up to 50 kN, -130 to 315 °C, different extensiometers)
  • Optical 2D and 3D-deformation analysis [ARAMIS, GOM]
  • Self-made tensile and bending equipment f or the use under the microscope as well as in a synchrotron (different force ranges, max. 1 kN)
  • Impact bending testing (Charpy, Izod; also cold) and tensile 1 - 15 J, HDT/Vicat [CEAST], density (Helium-Micro-Pyknometer [Quantachrome] as well as buoyancy), ball-indentation hardness und Shore-A-hardness
  • Nanoindenter G200 [MTS Nano Instruments] for indentation with different tip geometries (Berkovich, sphere) and scratch test
  • Finite element analysis software ANSYS (2- and 3-dimensional modelling of mechanical problems with linear and non-linear material behaviour)

Thermo-analytical Characterization

  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis under different loads (tensile, bending, shear, torsion) DMA Q800 [TA Instruments] (parameter range: -150 ... 500 °C, 0,01...200 Hz, modulus range 106 ... 1011 Pa, fixed frequency and resonant mode), ARES [RheometricScientific]