Dr. Dieter Jehnichen

Contact X-Ray Analysis
at the Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

Hohe Strasse 6
01069 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0)351 4658-493
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Method members

  • Michael Göbel

Research Topics

Characterization of solid state structure of polymers, copolymers, blends, composites, nanoparticles (clay, LDH, CNT, metal oxides, …), measured as isotropic material (bulk, powder), granulates, oriented (textured) samples (fibers, plates, stretched specimens, …)

  • By means of different X-ray scattering methods: wide-angle scattering (WAXS), small-angle scattering (SAXS), reflectometry (XRR) and grazing incidence small-angle scattering (GISAXS)
  • In combination with on-line treatment of samples (temperature, stress, shearing)
  • Determination of order parameters (crystallinity, qualitative + semi-quantitative phase analysis, selective orientation and texture parameters, crystallite size, …)
  • Characterization of phase separation on nano- and micrometer scale (dmax ~200 nm)
  • Investigation of temperature-dependent structure changes (-100 °C … 350 °C)
  • Thin film and surface characterization (thickness, roughness, layered and laterally correlated structures)
  • Revealing of structure-property relationships (in-house collaboration: TGA, DSC, GPC, XPS, NMR, TEM, AFM, …)
  • Computer simulations based on in-house collaboration (scattering patterns: molecular modeling, RIETVELD refinement; phase diagrams: mean field simulation, random phase approximation)


  • KRATKY compact camera (HECUS, Graz / Austria) with linear detector PSD-50m (M. BRAUN, Garching), temperature equipment up to 300 °C, (own construction)
  • 2-circle diffractometer XRD 3003 T/T (GE Sensing  & Inspection Technologies / Seifert-FPM, Freiberg) with reflectometry equipment, crystal and multilayer monochromators, temperature chamber XRK (Anton Paar, Graz / Austria)
  • X-ray diffractometer D8 DISCOVERY (BRUKER-axs, Karlsruhe) with different monochromatization and collimation tools (line- and point-focused), sample holding devices for transmission and reflection experiments, 1- and 2-dimensional detectors, SAXS tool, temperature unit (-100 … +350 °C)
  • Multi-range device Ganesha 300 XL+ (SAXSLAB ApS, Kopenhagen / Denmark) with free detector distances to realize a broad range of length scales (0.2 … 200 nm) in transmission and under grazing incidence reflection,  2D-detector Pilatus 300K , µ-focus X-ray tube, experimentation complete under vacuum, temperature unit (-100 … +350 °C), tensile stage (-190 … +300 °C, 0.01…20 N, 1…1000 µm/s, elongation  ~80 mm), antechamber


  • Prof. C. M. Papadakis, TU München (Germany)
  • Prof. L. Ionov, University of Georgia (USA)
  • Prof. M. Al-Hussein, University of Jordan (Jordan) 
  • Prof. H.-J. Radusch, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)

5 most important publications

  • Pospiech D., Jehnichen, D., Chunsod, P., Friedel, P., Simon, F., Grundke, K., Structure-property relations in semifluorinated poly(methacrylate)s, Chpt. 8 in: Fluorinated polymers: From fundamental to practical synthesis and applications, B. Ameduri, H. Sawada,Eds.; RSC Press, 2016, Vol.1: Synthesis, properties, processing and simulation, pp. 235-275.
  • Choudhury, S., Agrawal, M., Formanek, P. Jehnichen, D., Fischer, D., Krause, B., Albrecht, V., Stamm, M., Ionov, L., Nanoporous cathodes for high-energy Li-S batteries from gyroid block copolymer templates, ACS Nano 2015, 9, 6147-6157.
  • Kolesov, I., Dolynchuk, O., Jehnichen, D., Reuter, U., Stamm, M., Radusch, H.-J., Changes of crystal structure and morphology during two-way shape-memory cycles in crosslinked linear and branched polyethylenes, Macromolecules 2015, 48, 4438-4450.
  • Jehnichen, D., Pospiech, D., Friedel, P., He, G., Zhang, J., Sepe, A., Papadakis, C.M., Taurino, R., Perlich, J., Thin film morphologies of block copolymers with nanoparticles, Powder Diffraction 2015, 30, S16-S24.
  • Berndt, A., Pospiech, D., Jehnichen, D., Häußler, L., Voit, B., Al-Hussein, M., Plötner, M., Kumar, A., Fischer, W.-J., Methacrylate copolymers with liquid crystalline side chains for organic gate dielectric applications, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2015, 7, 12339-12347.