Research Activities

In recent years the areas of application for new, functional materials are growing rapidly following completely new directions, in which precisely tuned molecular properties are needed. These applications involve drug delivery, thin functional films, sensors, self- healing materials and catalysts. This trend is based on the versatility, tunability and high functionality of strongly branched and/or responsive polymers and their well-defined nanometer-sized structure. The high potential of these materials motivates our work and gives the specific research profile to our group. Profound characterization of advanced functional polymers covering a wide spectrum of dendritic architectures - from dendrimers to dendritic hybrides like dendritic stars or dendronized worm-like polymers – opens exciting perspectives for our recent and future research activities. Physicochemical considerations from a theoretical as well as from an experimental point of view lead to fundamental understanding especially of the dendritic molecular structure. Our main focus lies on the solution properties on a molecular level, intermolecular interactions and complexation, in particular of biorelated structures. Techniques for separation of polymer systems at different level play a key role in our research. Our recent research topics are: