Center Macromolecular Structure Analysis


Within the IPF Dresden the Macromolecular Structure Analysis (MSA) acts as a center for different characterization techniques for macromolecules. We maintain a wide range of equipment that is available to the entire institute.

The MSA staff has broad experience in the field of polymer characterization, performs most routine sample analysis for the institute, and assists members of other departments to solve their analytical problems. Training courses for specialized characterization techniques are offered for scientists of the institute and for students of the Dresden University of Technology.

The main research activities of scientists in the Center Macromolecular Structure Analysis are project-oriented within the main research areas of the institute. In addition, basic and applied research is conducted to further develop analytical methods for polymer characterization.

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Macromolecular Structure Analysis: Instrumental equipment (EN)

Macromolecular Structure Analysis: Methods (EN)

Head of center

Prof. Dr. Albena Lederer
+49 351 4658 491 +49 351 4658 565


Beate Marchlewski
+49 351 4658 299 +49 351 4658 98299