Research Activities

The research activities in the Analytical Department are integrated in the main fields of research of the Institute of Polymer Research. They especially include the characterization of structure, reactivity, morphology and interactions in functionalized linear and branched polymers, in copolymers, in heterogeneous polymer blends, crosslinked polymer systems and in composites by NMR (H. Komber), MALDI-TOF-MS (K. Sahre), IR/Raman (K.-J. Eichhorn/D. Fischer), Thermoanalysis (S. Boye), SEC with different detectors and A4F (A. Lederer).

Actual Materials:
Modified Hyperbranched Polymers and Dendrimers
Polymers for Organic Electronics
Hydrogels and Brushes
Polyesters and block copolymers

Special Research Topics:

Particle Analysis and Raman Spectroscopy (Fischer Group)

  • RAMAN Spectroscopy (incl. SERS) and RAMAN Imaging
  • Polymer and material analysis
  • Depth profile and 3-D analysis
  • Surface, interface and structure analysis
  • Investigation of surface modification, phase separation and chemical composition
  • Investigation of carbon materials (carbon nanotubes, graphites, graphene)

Polymer Separation (Lederer Group)

  • Scaling properties of model dendritic polymers
  • Aggregation of dendronized polymers
  • Quantification of polymer host-guest complexes
  • Separation according to Branching by Phase Distribution Chromatography

Vis-Ellipsometry and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy (Eichhorn Group)

  • VASE and Imaging Ellipsometry, SE-QCMD-Coupling
  • In-situ studies of stimuli-responsive brushes, protein and nanoparticle adsorption (in cooperation with P. Uhlmann et al.)
  • Tg in thin polymer films
  • Morphology and optical properties of OPV and OLED materials
  • FTIR-ATR, temperature-programmed FTIR-Transmission, IRRAS, polarized FTIR, IR Microscopy
  • Order and orientation in bulk polymers and thin organic films
  • Kinetic of Crosslinking and H-Bonding Studies
  • Identification of “microplastic” as potentially harmful polymer particles in the Baltic Sea


Important results could be find in the corresponding Publications.