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Dr. Andrea Meinhardt

Institute of Biofunctional Polymer Materials
+49 351 4658 1222 +49 351 4658 533

Personal data

05/2017 – Senior Scientist at Leibniz Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.
08/2014 – 04/2017 Scientific Coordinator at CRTD, TU Dresden, Germany
07/2007 – 08/2014 Postdoctoral fellow, TU Dresden, Germany, group of Prof. E. M. Tanaka
Topic: 3D reconstitution of the neural tube from mESCs
05/2002 – 06/2007 Postdoctoral fellow, CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland, group of Prof. Dr. med. G. Vassalli
Topics: Label-retaining cells in the adult mouse heart/Use of genetically engineered dendritic cells for heart transplantation
08/2001 – 01/2002 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Cologne, Germany, Institute of Biochemistry, group of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. R. Krämer
Topic: Glutamate transport in Corynebacterium glutamicum
07/2001 Scientific stay in Prague, Czech Republic, to continue the studies about the mitochondrial phosphate carrier from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
06/2001 PhD in Chemistry, University of Cologne, Germany, Institute of Biochemistry, group of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. R. Krämer
Topic: Investigation on structure and function of the mitochondrial phosphate carrier from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fields of work

  • Guiding early developmental processes in vitro by cell-instructive multi- and monophasic hydrogel materials
  • Neural tube organoid formation from human induced pluripotent stem cells in defined glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogel microenvironments
  • Material-based approaches to uncover mechanisms of stem cell fate regulation




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*Co-first authorship

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