Presentations from Malvern at SCM-6

Malvern Instruments offers a complete range of equipment for GPC, ranging from entry level to complete systems with multi-detection. The Viscotec TDA with triple detection significantly enhances the power of the GPC technique enabling a full characterization of molecular structure.

We are delighted to announce that

Dr. Joachim Kaschta
Rheology and Molecular Characterization, Institute of Polymer Materials
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Will present a lecture showing how GPC with multi-detection can be used to develop better products and processes.
Why is molecular architecture so important for application and processing – a case study

Date:                Thursday, Feb 7th 2013,
Time:               13:00 – 13:30
Location:         Room 5/6

See us there, discuss with our specialist and with Dr. Kaschta.

For more information about our products  in GPC / SEC and DLS visit us at our booth.

We invite you as well to the following talk:

Dr. Bernd Tartsch, GPC / SEC product specialist from Malvern Instruments talk
“How molecular weight and branching of polymers influences laser sintering”

Date:                Friday, Feb 8th 2013,
Time:                13:30h
Location:          Room 5/6

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dresden.