Invited Lectures

Invited lectures

Brian Wardle (Cambridge, MA, USA): Hierarchical nanoengineered structural advanced composites - Fundamentals and applications (plenary)

Michael Claes (Nanocyl S.A., Belgium): Carbon nanotubes composites: Commercially available solutions for improving sustainability (keynote)

Nicole Grobert (Oxford, UK): Nanomaterials by design (keynote)

Andreas Hirsch (Erlangen, Germany): Functionalization of synthetic carbon allotropes (keynote)

Manfred Klüppel (Hannover, Germany): Carbon nano-particle based hybrid filler systems in elastomers (keynote)

Chris Macosko (Minneapolis, MN, USA): Does graphene increase Tg of polymer nanocomposites? (keynote)

Tony McNally (Warwick, UK):  Processing of composites and blends containing carbon nanoparticles (keynote)