High-speed pull-out test


With this measuring equipment, tensile high-speed loadings can be applied to single fiber model composites. Up to maximum displacements of 180 µm are achievable within 15 ms. For force measurements, two piezo-electric load cells (quartz) are available with resolutions of 0.1 mN and 2.5  mN and maximum forces of 50 N and 5 kN, respectively. The data for pull-out displacements and forces is measured simultaneously using the multifunctional data recording system ADwin-Gold. It contains two separate Analog-to-Digital-Converters (ADC) and its own processor and data storage. A customized measurement application on the basis of TestPoint™ provides for the control of the measuring equipment, the storage and display of data and the statistical data analysis. The high-speed pull-out test uses the same measured variables which are used in the quasistatic pull-out test for better comparability (e.g. force-displacement curves, shear stress, pull-out work).

Technical Data

Mechanical excitation: Piezo-translator, PI
Force measurement: Piezo-electric load cells (50 N/5 kN), Kistler
Control electronics: PICA™ high power piezo amplifier, PI
Data acquisition system: ADwin-Gold, Jäger Messtechnik
Software: Custom-made TestPoint™ application

Prof. Dr. E. Mäder (Composite Materials division)
Dr. W. Jenschke (Research Technology division)

Scheme of the high-speed pull-out setup
Pull-out device
Screen shot of the software with a typical time-displacement plot