ZIM "10k-Tool"

- A new kind of cfrp moulding tools with long service life -


The subject of research and development are complex designed and directly electrically heated infiltration tools made of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). Carbon fibers are supposed to be used as the heating structure material. These new kind of tool technology is designed for FRP manufacturing, including preforming and resin transfer molding.

The usage of directly heated tools made of FRP reduces significantly the tools mass, the required process time, and in consequence the energy consumption, compared to conventional metal tools. Another benefit is the matching thermal expansion of the tool and the casted part, also regarding anisotropic structure behavior. Furthermore a homogenous surface temperature can be accomplished due to specific design of the electro-thermal heating structure.

The objective of the IPF sub-project is to define suitable coatings for these novel FRP tools. On the basis of various material tests and finite element analysis required process time and process parameters are supposed to be established and to be validated with the help of demonstrators.

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