10.09.2014 Announcement Christopher Hill

Lecture: Christopher HillInstitute of Translational Medicine and Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UKTitle: Development of engineered protein nanofibers for cartilage tissue … more »

11.08.2014 Publication in Soft Matter

A new approach for the analysis of the segment distribution in PEO brushes by the evaluation of streaming current measurements with combined SCF and soft surface electrokinetic theories is published by Ralf Zimmermann … more »

22.07.2014 Lecture Daniela Lössner

Lecture: Dr. Daniela LössnerQueensland University of Technology, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Brisbane, AustraliaTitle: An engineered tumour-stroma niche provides new insights into disease progression more »

03.07.2014 Lessons from Nature

Our short film 'Lessons from Nature' explaining the unique characteristics of cuticle structures of springtails was presented at the 3rd Nano Shortfilm Festival. more »

20.06.2014 Lecture Carson Meredith

Lecture: Professor J. Carson MeredithSchool of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USATitle: Discovery and Engineering of New Adhesive Designs based on Lessons from … more »

26.05.2014 Announcement Jens Möller

Lecture: Jens Möller, PhDMicrosystems Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, USATitle: Implications of catch bonds and high aspect ratio shape on the mechanics of bacterial uptake by macrophages more »

19.05.2014 Lecture: Light-based systems biology

Prof. Dr. Gene MyersDirector & Tschira Chair of Systems Biology, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden Title:Light-based systems biologyPlace:Max Bergmann … more »

09.05.2014 Publication in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Karolina Chwalek's and Laura Bray's review on recent developments and future challenges in three-dimensional tissue-engineered models for the study of tumor angiogenesis is published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. more »

14.04.2014 Publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials

Petra Welzel's and Jens Friedrichs' study on local mechanical properties of macroporous starPEG-heparin cryogel scaffolds is published in Advanced Healthcare Materials. more »

04.04.2014 Lecture Peter Loskill

Lecture: Dr. Peter LoskillUniversity of California, Berkeley California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, Berkeley, CA, USATitle: Integrating microtechnology, microbiology, and tissue engineering: From bacterial … more »

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