Functional polymer films for new applications in modern sensoric

2012-2015 (SMWK)

In collaboration with Michael Mertig, Kurt-Schwabe-Institut für Mess- und Sensortechnik e.V. Meinsberg, Waldheim

Aim of the subproject III:

The project intends to develop and evaluate new concepts for hydrogel-based biosensors with application for the in situ detection of biomolecular interactions. Using the specific know-how on the application of electrokinetic measurements for the analysis of interfacial charge formation, emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of the electrokinetic effects streaming potential/current for the detection of binding and release of biomolecules to/from hydrogel matrices. Specific tasks include:


  1. development and test of a miniaturized electrokinetic biosensor
  2. adaption and immobilization of hydrogel coatings with selective binding peptide sequences
    (for cytokines)
  3. comparison of the electrokinetic detections principle with established binding assays