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Dr. Vladimir Toshchevikov

Institut Theorie der Polymere
+49 351 4658 778 +49 351 4658 752

Starting from January 2015, Dr. Vladimir Toshchevikov is a co-worker of the Institute Theory of Polymers .

Fields of Work

  • Photo-deformable polymers

  • Magneto-sensitive elastomers

  • Dynamic properties of reinforced rubbers


2002 PhD in Polymer Physics, Institute of Macromolecular Compounds, Saint-Petersburg (Russia); advisor Prof. Yu. Gotlib

1998 Master's Degree in Physics, Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia); advisor Prof. Yu. Gotlib


  • Prof. Yulii Gotlib (Institute of Macromolecular Compounds, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  • Prof. Alexander Blumen (Physical Institute, University of Freiburg, Germany)