Dr. Dieter Jehnichen

Nanostructured Materials

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Fields of Interest / Body of Experience

  • polymer physics, physical chemistry of polymers
  • structure-property relationships (e.g., surface tension, NLO parameters)
  • polymer analysis (bulk material) and surface / buried interface characterization (thin films, layered and laterally correlated structures) on different length scales
  • characterization of isotropic material (powder) and oriented (textured) samples (fibers, plates, tensile test samples)
  • phase morphology of standard polymers (crystallinity, crystalline modifications, crystallite size, orientation), segmented polymers (micro- and nanophase-separated systems), nanocomposites with layered nanoparticles (clay: intercalation, exfoliation)
  • by means of different X-ray scattering methods: wide-angle scattering (WAXS), small-angle scattering (SAXS), reflectometry (XR) and grazing incidence small-angle scattering (GISAXS)
  • using the X-ray equipment of the IPF Dresden and in collaboration with synchrotron radiation facilities (Hasylab at DESY Hamburg / Germany: Beamline A2 and BW4, ESRF Grenoble / France: Beamline ID13) and the neutron facility GKSS Geesthacht / Germany (for neutron reflectivity)
  • in combination with on-line treatment of samples (temperature, stress, shearing)
  • computer simulation based on in-house collaboration (scattering patterns: molecular modeling, RIETVELD refinement; phase diagrams: mean field simulation, random phase approximation)

  • practical trainings for students (WAXS and SAXS on polymer systems)
  • participation in lectures at Technische Universität Dresden / Professorship of Physical Chemistry of Polymeric Materials
  • project leader
  • representative of radiation safety by law


  • X-Ray Lab
  • Projects at Photon Science @ DESY Hamburg

In-house Collaboration

  • Multifunctional Polymer Architectures
  • Functional and Nanostructured Polymer Interfaces
  • Functional Polymer Materials


  • Prof. C.M. Papadakis
    TU München
  • Prof. F. Kremer
    Universität Leipzig
  • Prof. C. Schick
    Universität Rostock
  • Prof. A.V. Tenkovtsev
    IMC Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Prof. P.M. Pakhomov
    State University Tver, Russia
  • Prof. P. Pissis
    NTU Athens, Greece