Authors Wu, P. ; Feldman, A. K. ; Nugent, A.T. ; Hawker, C.J. ; Voit, B. ; Scheel, A. ; Pyun, J. ; Fréchet, J.M.J. ; Sharpless, K.B. ; Fokin, V.V.
Title Efficiency and Fidelity in a Click-Chemistry Route to Triazole Dendrimers by the Copper(l)-Catalyzed Ligation of Azides and Alkynes
Date 29.07.2004
Number 12185
Abstract No Abstract.
Publisher Angewandte Chemie
Citation Angewandte Chemie 116 (2004) 4018-4022
Tags alkynes azides click chemistry copper dendrimers dendritic macromolecules supramolecular chemistry ether) dendrimers terminal alkynes cycloaddition architecture

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