Girls' Day

A Thursday in April  is Girls' Day all over Germany. Girls of the 5th to 10th form shall get an impression of professional life and get to know professions and trades, in which girls and women are still a minority nowadays. Sciences and technology are such fields.

We want wo encourage girls to consider a carreer in chemistry, physics, materials science. Therefore we invite girls to visit our institute at the Girls' Day.

The next Girls Day will be on April 26, 2018.
From 9:30 to 11:30 we open our doors for girls who want to get informed about work of women in research. Young women who work on research projects after having graduated from the university as chemists or engineers, gave insight into their work and aswered all kinds of questions on training, study, and the daily work in a research institute. 

  • Experience of undergraduate students at the university, university of applied sciences and university of cooperative education
  • Experience as a PhD student in a research institute
  • Information on interesting current and future topics in materials research 

More information can be found at the Girls' Day homepage.

Impressions of a previous Girls Day: A trainee explains the work of a laboratory assistant in a chemical lab.
A PhD students tells the girls how her work contributes to the development of novel textile-reinforced composites for the bulding trade.