Textile reinforments for structural strengthening and repair

The five project fields are designed that theoretical and experimental investigations are carried out to provide the fundamentals of the materials. Additionally information will be obtained about the mechanical description, the detailing and the dimensioning, the techniques of applying, the realisation on the site and the long-term behaviour. All leading to a safety concept and also a service life concept for the use of textile reinforcements for restoration and strengthening.


main focus of the sub-project:

  • ''Fibre and interface design with polymers''

research objective:

  • The main topics of further research in the third period are focussed on theoretical and experimental works of interphase design as well as the adhesion improvement between reinforcing fibres and cementitious matrix with the aim of increased fracture energy particularly with regard to polymer coatings which are applied preferably on ARG spun at IPF. The systematical investigations for the development of adapted sizing/coating compositions are directed towards the selection of polymer film formers with combination of acidic and alkaline surfaces as well as the integration of nano fibres and nano particles in the sizing and coating, respectively. The knowledge obtained with polymer coatings on ARG will be transferred to carbon fibres.