Functional surfaces

Contact: Dr. L. Ionov

We are interested in design of materials with switchable, self-healing, superhydrophobic and anti-icing properties.

Switchable surfaces

We design switchable surfaces by immobilization of stimuli-responsive polymers on surfaces, which form so called polymer brush layers. The polymer brushes were used for control of adsorption and activity of proteins, separation of liquids, etc. We also designed switchable surfaces using colloidal particles mixed with fusible solids.

Superhydrophobic surfaces

Superhydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces were designed by using colloidal particles with special geometries such as raspberry-like particles and diatomaceous earth particles, which were modified by grafted hydrophobic polymers. We also demonstrated possibilities to design self-healing superhydrophobic surfaces using colloidal particles mixed with fusible hydrophobic solids. The designed superhydrophobic surfaces are also promising for reduction of icing and can be used for design of anti-icing surfaces.


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