Scientific Technical Council

The Scientific-Technical Council (Wissenschaftlich-Technischer Rat - abbreviation: WTR) is a consultative committee for the board of the IPF. The consultant activities concern especially:

  • the research strategy,
  • the organisation of scientific work,
  • the purposive use of research facilities and degree of capacity utilisation,
  • the investment strategy for scientific equipment.

The Scientific-Technical Council consists of 11 elected representatives of the scientific and technical employees:

PD Dr. Albena Lederer (chair)
Dr. Jürgen Pionteck (deputy)
Dr. Dietmar Appelhans
Dr. Hanna Brodowsky
Dr. Dieter Fischer
Dr. Ralf Frenzel
PD Dr. Martin Müller
Dr. Mirko Nitschke
Dr. Ulrike Staudinger

Dr. Cordelia Zimmerer

Dr. Susanne Boye

IPF coworkers may find more detailed information on the WTR at the internal website.