Development of a highly centrifugal force loaded rotor


  • January 2009 – December 2010


The objective of this project is the developing of a highly centrifugal force loaded rotor demonstrator made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). In cooperation with Hightex Verstärkungsstrukturen GmbH a new fibre layout will be developed to allow a significant higher operating speed than current centrifugal force loaded rotors.

By using the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP)-technology the theoretical outstanding mass based fibre parallel stiffness and strength of CFRP is to be exploited in this practical relevant component. Applications for high-speed rotors include impellers for turbo molecular pumps, rotors in aircraft engines, high-speed blower (turbo compressor) and other fans in mechanical engineering.

With the demonstration part the field of impellers for turbomolecular pumps is addressed. Therefore a 17 bladed rotor made of CFRP for speeds up to n = 45000 revs per minute with a diameter of 250 mm will be developed. The size is equivalent to standard impellers of turbomolecular pumps.

The motivation for the development of a rotor made of CFRP is, in terms of energy saving and the meaning of a performance increase, to improve the efficiency of such flow machines.

In addition to geometric improvements to optimize the flow behaviour this is only possible by decreasing the impeller mass and increasing the rotor speed. Due to the limited mass based tensile strength of light alloys such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys, a speed increase is only possible by using high-strength, fibre reinforced plastics.