Dr. Dieter Lehmann

Head of department

Dept. Reactive Processing
+49 351 4658 392 +49 351 4658 362


Anne Hofmann
+49 351 4658 440 +49 351 4658 290

Longtime experiences exit at research areas

  • Controlled degradation of polymers (especially polyamides) and the functionalization via reactive extrusion
  • Synthesis/modification/polycondensation/defined composition of oligomers and polymers by reactive extrusion
  • Melt modification of commercial polymers/plastics to form functionalized materials
  • Thermo-controlled (decomposition/composition/modification/cross linking) reactions in melt
  • Synthesis of graft and block copolymers/compatibilisation by chemical coupling via reactive extrusion (chemically coupled polymer-PTFE materials/tribo materials; polyolefine-polyamide graft copolymers/blends)
  • Reactive processing (reactive extrusion, interface-reactive injection moulding for the composite formation and the polymer surface modification)
  • Combination of polymerchemical and engineering problems

Recent research areas

  • Development of chemically coupled/compatibilised high performance polymer-PTFE tribomaterials
  • Synthesis of chemically modified oil-PTFE dispersions as basis for lubricants
  • Modification of PTFE with functional groups for the special interfacing/fixing on surfaces of substrates, especially for lubricants
  • Material bonded connection of metal/coating/plastic composites by interface-reactive injection moulding 
  • Interface-reactive injection moulding for the surface modification of polyolefines
  • Synthesis of special ion exchang materials for the membrane application