ZwickRoell 3105 combi test

This hardness tester delivers fast, fully automatic meas‐ urement in all Shore and IRHD ranges. Operator influence is eliminated, while digital measuring systems enable high measurement accuracy. The tester can perform hardness tests on moldings and sheet materials, for example, using an automatic approach system. This ensures reliable measurements on moldings with concave or convex surfaces. VLRH hardness testing is also possible. With this method the hardness of very soft elastomers, particularly silicon and foam rubber, can be determined with material thicknesses from 2 mm. [1]

Available measurement ranges:

  • IRHD-M (micro)
  • IRHD-N (normal)
  • IRHD-H
  • VLRH (IRHD supersoft)
  • Micro Shore


[1] Product information ZwickRoell 3105 combi test