Scarabaeus SIS-V50

Dynamic tool on basis DIN 53529 for isotherm and anisotherm measurements with variable frequency and amplitude.

High end test control unit  in the range of the curemetry with variable frequency (up to 50 Hz), variable amplitude and variable temperature. Torque and pressure are measured on static and dynamic experiments.


 Test Methods:

Frequency sweep

The measurement of the frequency response of the dynamic module is called Frequenzsweep. Sweep means a going through of a measuring parameter range. This method permits the determination of the rheologic characteristics for viscose rayon and flexible behaviour.

Amplitude sweep

During the amplitude sweep (constant frequency [constant amplitude duration]) the range will determined within a sample behaves linear-viscoelastically. The amplitude dependence G' (the decrement with increasing amplitude) used as test frame for the amplitude sweep.


The relaxation will be overlaid with  an isotherms by 0,1° amplitude with variable frequency. After a spike-like change of ... the flexible and viscose ratio within the relaxation are measured.

Pulse/RecoveryWith the pulse / recovery isotherm is led  a basis isotherm with 0,1° deflection in the Recovery phase with optional frequency. The pulse phase is variable regarding the frequency identical and the angle to the single-sequence of the recovery phase.

isothermal und non isothermal

A multi-frequency isotherm is the overlay of n oscillations with different frequency. The result permits the evaluation of 3 otherms at the same time.
OffsetEach oscillation can be added by one predeformation/pre-load i.e. deflection around an amount from the zero-position. This deformation corresponds more to practice, because parts under read out dynamic are stressed.


Die additive Amplitude entspricht durch Addition eines Sinoid mit kleiner Amplitude und hoher Frequenz auf einer Basislinie, die linear, sinoidal, oder als Schergeschwindigkeitsrampe ausgelegt werden kann. Auf dieser Basis entstehen Auslenkungen bis zu 1600%.


Amplitude:0.01° to 20°
Frequency0.01 Hz to 50 Hz
Temperature60.0°C to 200°C

 Measuring Range:

Torque0.001 to 200 [dN·m]
Option Normal force0.01- 10 kN

 Closing Pressure:

variable adjustable between1.0 to 8 bar for
each test method

 Frequency/ Amplitude:

limited to max 80/s