Completed Projects

DFG research project

  • “Dynamic mechanical behaviour of the magneto-sensitive elastomers in a homogeneous magnetic field”

funding period 10/2013 – 01/2017
PD Dr. Marina Grenzer, PIs: Dr. Dmytro Ivaneiko, Dr. Vladimir Toshchevikov

DFG research project

  • Theory of photo-mechanical properties of azobenzene polymers: light-induced deformation dynamics

2nd funding period 12/2012 - 12/2016
PD Dr. Marina Grenzer, PI: Dr. Vladimir Toshchevikov

Ministry of Education of Region Perm, Russia

  • „Development of principles of optimum composition of polymer nanocomposites”

funding period 12/2012 – 12/2015
PD Dr. Marina Grenzer, Prof. Alexander L. Svistkov (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences)