Electron induced reactive processing (EIReP)

The EIReP has been developed at IPF in order to modify polymer materials during their melt mixing by high energy electrons. The main advantage of this novel method is the spatial and temporal precise initiation of the chemical reaction by the process parameters electron energy and electron current. In contrast to the thermal induced reactive process, the generation of reactive species is not depending on the processing temperature. Thus we have no coupling of the sub-processes involved in the reactive process. Furthermore, the spatial separation of reaction and mixing volume reduces the influence of shear stresses and rates of deformation on the chemical reaction. Consequently, the controllability of the process is improved as well as material-process-structure-property-correlations can be studied and transferred to a thermal induced reactive process. The pilot facility for continuous processing developed at IPF is used for:

  • long chain branching of polymers
  • toughened polymers
  • compatibilization of polymer blends and composites

and enables a throughput of 2 to 5 kg/h.