Anja Caspari
Kathrin Estel
Cornelia Krause
Martina Priebs
Sophia Schönherr

The investigation of electrokinetic phenomena is one of the main tasks of research in the Department of Polymer Interfaces of the IPF. The team wants to make a contribution to theory and methods of characterization of solid surfaces in combination with other physico-chemical methods (XPS, AFM etc.). Some years ago a commercial device for measuring the streaming potential for powders, fibres, plates and membranes was developed in co-operation with scientists in Graz (Austria) - the Electrokinetic Analyser (EKA) Anton Paar KG, Austria. Since 2007 a downstream device was developed, the Surpass Electrokinetic Analyser. The measured and calculated electrokinetic parameters permit to describe technological processes involving interfaces like adsorption processes, dispersion and coagulation processes, and adhesion processes.

Fields of work

  • electrokinetic measurements (streaming potential, electrophoresis, electroacoustics, electroosmosis) / contributions to developing new methods

  • study of charge formation processes on interfaces

    • dissociation processes (acid-base properties of solid surfaces)
    • adsorption processes (ions, charged molecules)
    • ion/electron transfer processes

  • adsorption of surface active molecules (surfactants, polyelectrolytes)

  • disperse systems (suspensions, emulsions): colloid stability, density (solid content), viscosity

  • adhesion processes in technological relevant systems (coating, laminating, bond, printing, compounds, composites, hybrid materials)

  • investigation and controlling of interaction forces on interfaces in semiconductor manufacturing processes