Topography and roughness measurements

1. Non-contact optical methods

µsurf expert  (NanoFocus AG)
scandisk confocal microscope
4 different objectives (10x - 100x)
measuring range: xy 160 - 1600 µm (larger areas by stitching), z range: 350 nm (piezo), 50 nm (motor)
max. resolution: xy 200 nm, z 3 nm
measuring time: seconds - minutes

MicroGlider (Fries Research & Technology GmbH)
white light interferometer, scanning of the surface
measuring range: xy up to 100 mm, z 100 µm - 1mm (2 sensors)
resolution: xy 1 µm, z 10 nm
measuring time depends on number of pixels (1000x1000 ==> ca. 1 h)
additionally determination of layer thickness by interferometry

2. Mechanically scanning methods

Universal Surface Tester UST© (INNOWEP GmbH)
Profilometer: mechanical scanning of profiles (in 2D and 3D)
analysis of topography, structure, wear, abrasion, scratch resistance, micro friction, haptics
measuring range: xy 50 mm, z 250 µm
resolution: xy 1 - 100 µm, z 60 nm

Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM, SPM)

various devices available (MultiMode, Dimension 3100, ICON - Bruker Corp.)
mechanical scanning with nanoscale tip
measuring range: xy 0.5 – 90 µm, z 10 µm
resolution: xy 10 nm, z 1 nm
measuring time: 5 – 60 min (depends on area, roughness and image resolution)