Null-Ellipsometry lab

Using the null-ellipsometry the ellipsometric data Δ (relative phase shift) and Ψ (relative amplitude ratio) can be detected very sensitive (sub monolayer precision).

Principle of a null-ellipsometer
(with analyzer azimuth A0 and polarizer P0)

OPTREL MULTISCOPE (laser Null-Ellipsometer)

technical specifications:

  • 632.8nm He-Ne-Laser
  • accuracy:
      - variables: Δ±0.001°, Ψ±0.001°
      - film thickness: ±0.1nm (submonolayer precision)
      - refractive index: ±0.0005

type of measurements:

  • measurements in dry environment
  • measurements in liquid environment (swelling, adsorption)
        -kinetic liquid state experiments
        -variation of pH, ionic strength, temperature