• Modern chemical laboratories equipped with all necessary hard- and glassware for polymer synthesis
  • Glovebox Typ MB150B-G-I [M. Braun] for cationic polymerization at low and ambient temperature
  • Controlled 2L polycondensation autoclave [Juchheim] (1.33 Pa to 1.5 MPa, 350 °C, inert gas, different stirrer geometries), connection with inline-FTIR probe possible
  • Laboratory autoclave BEP280 [Büchi] (0.5, 1L up to 0.6 MPa, 200°C [glassy] and 0.5, 2 L; up to 6 MPa, 250° C[steel]
  • Laboratory autoclave 200 mL [Roth] (up to 10 MPa, 300°C)
  • Reaction calorimeter [Mettler-Toledo] (1.8 L, 5 MPa, 220 °C)
  • Anionic polymerization equipment (syringe technique)
  • Hot stage polarizing microscope [Cambride Instruments] (heating stage 25 °C to 350 °C)
  • Automatic viscometer [Schott] for determination of solution viscosities
  • Spin coater [SPS] for preparation of regular thin films on substrates
  • Short path distillator KDL-1 [UIC GmbH]


2L autoclave for high temperature polycondensations in melt or solution equipped with inline-FTIR probe

Equipment for anionic polymerization

Sol-gel-synthesis of organic/inorganic hybrids equipped with inline-monitoring (RAMAN/FTIR-Spektroskopy)