Title Synthesis and film formation of furfuryl- and maleimido carbonic acid derivatives of dextran
Date 01.04.2017
Number 53301
Abstract Carbonic acid derivatives of dextran possessing furfuryl- and maleimido moieties were synthesized and processed into thin films by spin coating. First, products with different degrees of substitution (DS) of up to 3.0 and substitution patterns were obtained and characterized by NMR- and FTIR spectroscopy, as well as elemental analysis. Thin films possessing maleimide groups were obtained by spin coating of maleimido dextran (furan-protected) and dextran furfuryl carbamate that was converted with bismaleimide. The removal of the protecting group (furan) on the thin film was monitored by QCM-D and compared with gravimetric analysis of the bulk material. Film morphology and wettability were determined by means of AFM and contact angle measurements.
Publisher Carbohydrate Polymers
Identifier 0
Citation Carbohydrate Polymers 161 (2017) 1-9
Authors Elschner, T. ; Obst, F. ; Stana-Kleinschek, K. ; Kargl, R. ; Heinze, T.
Tags dextran synthesis furfuryl carbamate maleimido carbonate thin film

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