Flash Chromatography

Short Introduction

At our institute we have a CombiFlash®Companion® from Teledyne Isco. The sales representative in Germany is the Axel Semrau  GmbH.
In most cases we are using normal phase silica as solid phase. A couple of pre-packed normal phase Redisept® columns (silica) of different size is available at present: 4, 12, 40, 80, 120 g. Taking into account that the loading of the column should not be more than 10 mass% based on the mass of the stationary phase, it means that we are able to purify substances from the 50 mg scale up to 12 g per run. So far we have solved most of our separation problems using the CombiFlash®Companion®. At present our standard solvents are ethyl acetate/hexane. Of course other solvents and solid phase materials are possible.
Usually we introduce the samples via a pre-column filled with modified solid phase. It means that you have to adsorb your sample on a material of similar chemistry like in the solid phase. You have to keep in mind that the detection is done with UV light (200-360 nm). It is possible follow the separation by a certain detection wavelength using a second wavelength for monitoring.

Our CombiFlash®Companion®

To get further informations about flash chromatography you can order a very useful flash guide from ISCO.COM.
An excellent support is given by the  Axel Semrau  GmbH.

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