Anti-Fouling and Fouling-Release Surfaces

Group leader


Claudia Marschelke (PhD student)
Madeleine Schwarzer (PhD student)
Sandra Marx (Scientific co-worker)

The design of multifunctional materials with tailored wetting and fouling/anti-fouling properties under different environmental conditions (dry or wet air, water, or extremely cold conditions/icing) is of paramount importance. It is still a challenging task to produce intelligent materials that are sticky/non-sticky only when it is desired. Controlled surface design based on the understanding of the effects of chemical functionality and polymer architectures can help to solve this problem. We work on the synthesis of responsive and adaptive brushes with different architectures (random copolymer and block-copolymer) on flat and structured surfaces and investigation of their effect on the wettability and adhesiveness in wet and under water conditions.