Functional Particles and Interfaces Group

Welcome to the Synytska Group

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the internet page of the Synytska group “Functional Particles and Interfaces”. Synytska´s group provides a strong expertise in development, design and experimental investigation of innovative functional polymeric and hybrid materials. We synthesise various core-shell particles with tunable design and architectures, functionalities, shapes and responsiveness for robust anti-icing, self-cleaning, anti-fouling surfaces, surfaces with responsive and adaptive adhesion properties, ultrafine composites with unprecedented optical, magnetic and sensoric properties as well as interfacial catalysts.

Group members

Dr. Ivan Raguzin, Postdoc (Topic: Surfaces with Switchable and Adaptive Adhesion) 
Ms. Claudia Marschelke, PhD student (Topic: Hybrid Hairy Isotropic and Janus Particles)
Mrs. Madeleine Schwarzer, PhD student (Topic: New Generation of Anti-Icing Surfaces)
Mr. Ugo Sidoli, PhD student (Topic: Surfaces with Switchable and Adaptive Adhesion)
Ms. Sandra Marx, Scientific co-worker (Topic: Assembly of Janus Particles at Interfaces)
Mr. Thomas Otto, Master student (Topic: New Generation of Anti-Icing Surfaces)
Mr. Jakob Mühldorfer, Master student (Topic: Surfaces with Switchable and Adaptive Adhesion)
Mrs. Martina Priebs, Lab assistant 


Olga Diring, Marjolein Sliepen, Dr. Alina Kirillova , Dr. Jagannath Chanda, Kristin Köhler, Claudia Hase,
Dr. Ekaterina Biehlig, Dr. Sebastian Berger

Open positions

Students who are interested in Bachelor/ Master thesis are always welcome. We offer the following topics:

Janus Particles
Enzym Immobilization
Under Water Adhesives
Anti-Ice Surfaces

For more details, please contact Dr. Alla Synytska.