Prof. Dr. Edith Maeder

Dept. Composite Materials
+49 351 4658 305 +49 351 4658 362

Edith Mäder is scientist in the Institute of Polymeric Materials of the Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden (IPF). Simultaneously, she is involved in education as Honorary Professor at Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Materials Science.

She has obtained more than 30 years’ experience in the field of material science, textiles and composites and especially on the topics of fibre/matrix interfaces in fibre-reinforced composite materials, interphase design, multifunctional interphases, development of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics based on hybrid yarns, improving the aging behaviour and enhancing the durability by interface modification (nanostructured sizings, polymeric coatings). An important focus of her work is surface modification of reinforcement fibres and micromechanical testing.

She has (co)authored over 150 scientific papers in SCI-indexed journals and has (co)authored 14 chapters in books, and more than 400 conference papers. She has participated as a principal investigator and coordinated numerous European projects including coordinating the Thematic Network “INTERPHASE”, projects funded by the German Research Foundation within Collaborative Research Centers 528 and 639, Priority Program SPP1369, as well as national and industrial projects, networks and international benchmarking exercises. She is currently a member of the Editorial Board for Composites Interfaces and Adhesion Science and Technology, an Associate Editor in Frontiers in Materials, Section Composite Materials and a member on the Scientific Committees for several international conferences.

Fields of work

  • Interfaces Surface energy, work of adhesion, adhesion strength
  • Micromechanical tests Interphases Characterisation of interphases
    using microthermal analysis
  • Interphase characterisation using scanning force microscopy
  • Interphase characterisation using single fibre cyclic load test
  • Micro-macro relations in composites
  • Continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics made from commingled yarns
    using different textile preforms, studies of structure-property relations,
    mechanical performance influenced by interphases
  • Continuous surface modification during glass fibre spinning (sizing)
  • Reinforced thermoplastics by compounding, injection moulding,
    long fibre reinforced thermoplastics
  • Commingled yarns for continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics
  • Interphase design in fibre reinforced concrete
  • Improving the aging behaviour and enhancing the durability
    by interface modification (nanostructured sizings, polymer coatings)