Open Access

"We want to share our intellectual property"
Robert Darnton (Library of the Harvard University)

What is Open Access?

This information platform is intended to meet the rising demand for information on open access. Apart from basic information, assistance is offered ranging from practical conversion to basic legal conditions. The availability of different access options (via different subject matters or scenarios) allows searching target group specific information.

Open access means that scientific publications and data are accessible online free of charge for any interested user. Open access is a current and trend-setting topic with many supporters worldwide.Concerning the basic principles and practice of open access, mainly the golden and the green roads are differentiated. The grey road as a further, separate strategy is discussed rather infrequently.The main advantages of open access are the increased visibility and thus the increased impact of scientific articles. Among the more frequently expressed objections to open access, we find complaints about the transitory nature of digital data and difficulties locating them.

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