Quasistatic pull-out test


Investigations about adhesion forces between fiber and matrix are carried out with the described pull-out setup. The results are attained by quasistatically pulling a single fiber out of a matrix while recording the force-displacement curve. One distinctive feature of the device is the extremly low pull-out speed down to 10 nm/s. Forces between 1 mN to 2.5 N can be detected by a piezo-resistive load cell. The whole control of the experiment as well as data acquisition, analysis and statistical evaluation are performed by means of a custom-made software.

Technical Data

Force measurement: Piezo-resistive miniature force transducer, Burster 8431, 5N
Actuator: DC Mike Drive, PI
Motor controller: C843, PI
Data acquisition board: DT 9816 (Data Translation)
Software: Custom-made Agilent VEE application

Dr. C. Scheffler (Composite Materials division)
Dr. W. Jenschke (Research Technology division)

Pull-out device
Detailed view of a fiber-matrix composite in the pull-out device