Elastomer Processing Lab

Thermo HAAKE Rheocord PolyLab 300p System

mit HAAKE Rheomix 600p

For production and investigation of mixtures from elastomers, thermoplastics, thermosetting or filled ceramic molding materials, pigments and many other plastic and plasticising materials under practical conditions.

Laboratory Roll Mill type 110 L

The laboratory rolling mill serves polymer samples for the production of thermoplastic and elastomers. In combination with the designated temperature, gap and friction the materials in the roller-gap are mixed after repeated roller rotations to a homogeneous mass.


Mit dem Zusatzmodul „Predictive Testing“

Dynamic mechanical spectrometer (DMTS/DMA) for Measurements of visco-elastic material properties depending on temperature, frequency and mechanical load. Testmodes: tension, compression and doubleshear

Scarabaeus SIS-V50

Dynamic Vulkameter on base of DIN 53529 for isotherm and anisotherm measurements with variable frequency and amplitude.

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