Name Dr. Anton Kiriy
Place of Birth, Date Sumy, Ukraine, October 28, 1965
Marital State married
Nationality Ukrainian


From June 2002-present Group-leader in Department of Nanostructured Materials, Leibniz IPF Dresden, (Synthesis and application of conjugated (semiconducting) polymers; nanostructured polymer materials: chemistry and physics; polymer nanotechnologies; single molecules study, polymer templates, nanodevices)
2001- 2002 Visiting Scientist in Leibniz IPF Dresden (single molecules study)
1998-2001 Researcher in Department of Organic Chemistry, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine (PhD-thesis - synthetic organic chemistry, computational chemistry)
1993-1998 Researcher in “Chempostach Company”, Kiev, Ukraine (Synthetic organic chemistry)
1991-1993 Researcher in Department of Organic Chemistry, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine (Synthetic organic chemistry)


1998-2001 Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) (Organic Chemistry), Department of Organic Chemistry, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, 12.12.2000 PhD Thesis Topic: Novel reaction of methylsulfinil carbanion with ketones.
1982-1988 Diploma Engineer, Chemical Engineering, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine


Angewandte Chemie; Journal of the American Chemical Society; Macromolecules; Nano Letters, Chemistry of Materials, Langmuir; Journal of Physical Chemistry B and C; Macromolecular Rapid Communications; Macromolecular Bioscience, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Organometallics.


Innovationspreis 2009 Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden for the work “Molecule-Based Nanodevices from Functional Single Polymer Molecules”


  • “Nanoscale electronic devices via templating supramolecular polyelectrolytes” (DFG & ESF EUROCORE SONS program) Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy (Collaboration with Dr, Christoph Detrembleur and Prof. Robert Jerome; Liege, Belgium) and Dr. Siegmar Roth (Stuttgart, Germany)).
  • “Polyelectrolytes conformation and phase transitions: AFM, neutron, light scattering, and computer simulation studies” DFG Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy (collaboration with Prof. Klaus Huber, Paderborn and Prof. Hartmut Löwen, Dusseldorf).
  • ”Conductive Polymer Brushes: New electro- and photo-active molecular architecture” DFG Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy (collaboration with Prof. Dr. Karl Leo & Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, TU Dresden)
  • “Synthesis, surface analysis and film-forming behaviour of semiconducting molecules with self-assembling properties” (DFG SFB 287 B1) Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy (Collaboration with Prof. Hans-Jürgen Adler).
  • „Tuning adhesion by surface modification with mixed polymer brushes“ DFG-CNRS Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy (Collaboration with Dr. Costantino Creton, France).
  • “Coatings with “inverse switching” behaviour. DFG Priority Program 1259 “Intelligente Hydrogele”. Prof. Manfred Stamm & Dr. Anton Kiriy Start date: 2006.
  • “Living” conjugated polymers: a new approach in engineering of complex materials for needs of organic electronics (DFG, KI-1094/3-1)
  • Control of the nanoscale morphology of bulk heterojunction solar cells via chemical assembly of conjugated polymers on nanoparticle support (DFG, SPP 1355: Elementary Process of Organic Photovoltaic, KI-1094/4-1, KI-1094/4-2)
  • Industrial project (Novaled) 2011-…


85 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 2 patents; h-index 24; 1744 citations (ICI Web of knowledge, state for November 2013)


  • nanostructured conjugated polymers: synthesis and applications
  • surface chemistry, colloidal chemistry
  • atomic force microscopy and single molecule studies
  • nanoscience, nanodevices and their electrical characterizations


PhD students supervised at IPF:
  • Ganna Gorodyska (2001-2005) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Vera Bocharova (2004-2008) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Natalya Khanduyeva (2005-2009) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Prashant Sinha (2006-2009) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Konstantin Demidenok (2006-2010) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Boyko Ksenia (2007-2011) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Eugen Karpov (2013-) (Prof. Stamm)
  • Gözde Öktem (2013-) (Prof. Jordan)
  • Tim Erdmann (2013-) Prof. (Voit)
  • Francisca Fisher (2013-) (Prof. Stamm, Prof. Mertig)