• Jun.-Prof. Annabelle Bertin
    Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Title: "Controlled self-assembly of Janus dendrimers via microfluidics"
    March, 8, 2018, 10:00, Konferenzsaal
  • Dr. Banu Iyisan
    Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung, Dept. of Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Mainz'
    Title: "Upconversion nanocapsules for biomedical applications"
    March, 7, 2018, 10:00, Konferenzsaal
  • Jan Meyer
    Bergische Universität Wuppertal, FB Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften
    Title: "Molecular simulation of (energy) dissipation in silica-filled tire rubbers under cyclic deformations"
    February, 28, 2018, 13:00, Konferenzsaal