Location and Travel

For the first time, the Workshop Ellipsometry will be held in Dresden, Germany.
You should not miss the chance to come to Dresden on the occasion of the 8th Workshop Ellipsometry.

The workshop will be held at the Dreikönigskirche - Haus der Kirche.
Hauptstraße 23,  01097 Dresden

Note: If you use Google maps or a navigation system, please be aware that there might occur a misunderstanding, as the address " Hauptstraße 23, 01097 Dresden" obviously exists twice. Please add "Dreikönigskirche" or search for "Königstraße, 01097 Dresden". The location Dreikönigskirche is in the centre of Dresden (quarter: Innere Neustadt). 

Hauptstraße 23, 01097 Dresden-Langebrück is WRONG!!!!


Entrance from Hauptstraße (in the foreground of the picture)
Conference desk: upstairs 1st floor, open from Monday, March 8:00
Lecture room and poster exhibition: upstairs 2nd floor
Exhibition of devices and lunch buffets: upstairs 1st floor (dining hall)

Dresden is easily accessible by airplane, train, and car. An international airport links Dresden with most German airports and many European cities. Train connection exists to Hamburg/Berlin to the north, Frankfurt am Main/Leipzig to the west and Prag/Vienna/Budapest in south and east. Airport, main train station, hotels, and the conference location are easily accessible by public transportation.


street "Königsstraße", especially in the morning - day ticket EUR 6,00
parking deck "Metzer Straße" - day ticket EUR 7,00