Invited Lectures

Invited tutorials (á 45 min)

Jörg Bischoff (Osiris Optical Engineering Ilmenau, Germany): Ellipsometry-scatterometry theory: RCWA, C-method and the grating solver unigit

Tom Oates (ISAS, Berlin, Germany): Polarized spectroscopy of metal nanoparticle films and metamaterials

Invited talks (á 25 min)

Robert Brunner (FH Jena, Germany): Artificial anti-reflecting moth-eye structures

Martin Foldyna (CNRS-LPICM, France): Optical characterization and modeling of nanostructures for photovoltaic applications

Miklos Fried (MTA TTK MFA, Budapest, Hungary): Expanded beam spectroscopic ellipsometry for thin film solar cell production

Kenneth Järrendahl (U Linköping, Sweden): Polarizing natural chiral nanostructures

Jörg Rappich (HZB, Germany): In-situ IR-ellipsometry applied to organic/silicon interfaces in solution

Mathias Schubert (U Nebraska-Lincoln, USA): From QCMD-ellipsometry combination to bire-fringence imaging chromatography and bire-fringence microscopy using sculptured co-lumnar thin films

Andrej Sirenko (NJIT, Newark, USA): Investigation of electromagnetic modes in multiferroic oxides by far infrared Mueller-Matrix ellipsometry

Lidong Sun (U Linz, Austria): Reflectance difference spectroscopy: A versatile tool for surface science