Venue/Travel Information

Evangelische Akademie Meißen; Freiheit 16, 01662 Meißen
It is a conference centre including both session hall and accomodation for the participants. Detailed travel information in German is provided at the website of the Evangelische Akademie .
The small town of Meißen can be reached via Dresden.

There is regular suburban train service between Dresden and Meißen (about 45 minutes from Dresden Hauptbahnhof).
For the walk by foot from the railway station to the Evangelische Akademie, the route is marked in red colour in this 'pedestrians' map'.

If you arrive at Dresden Airport, you may take the suburban train S2  to Dresden-Neustadt (about 20 minutes) and from there another suburban train S1 to Meißen (about 40 minutes).
Considerably faster is - to be honest - the direct way from the airport to Meißen, which is, however, possible only by car/taxi (34 km/35 minutes, approximate rate for a taxi Airport-Evangelische Akademie: EUR 40).

If you go to Meißen by car, please find the best way to the Evangelische Akademie in the 'drivers' map' below. From each direction should reach Meisastraße (B 101). The street Am Lommatzscher Tor goes up the hill, and when it takes a sharp, almost 180 degrees curve, you have reached the venue. You may either drive into the court at the entrance  Freiheit 16, or you may  go a little farther behind the sharp curve and drive into the parking garage, the entrance of which is in the fortification walls to the left side. 

If you need additional information or our help with regard to the transportation to Meißen, please contact us.