• Preparation (synthesis, processing, or assembly) of CNPs and CNP constructs for applications in composites
  • Surface treatment, functionalization of CNP materials and characterization of the resulting surface/interphase behaviour
  • Characterization of intrinsic CNP structure and properties relevant to composites
  • Preparation and processing of CNPs composites, by blending, infiltration, or other methods, including subsequent conversion by moulding, stacking, or welding
  • Additive manufacturing using CNP components
  • Hybrid systems, combining different types of CNPs or other nanofillers
  • Hierarchical nanostructured composites, developing architectures at multiple length scales, particularly in conjunction with conventional structural fibre reinforcements
  • Characterization of CNP dispersion, distribution, orientation, within the matrix, and the associated influence on the matrix microstructure and properties
  • Evaluation of CNP composite properties: mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical characteristics, and emerging multifunctional performance
  • Modelling of CNPs and their composites, both processing and performance
  • Specific applications and opportunities for CNP-containing composites