Title Fabrication and efficiency measurement of a Mo/C/Si/C three material system multilayer Laue lens
Date 27.03.2017
Number 52463
Abstract In this letter, we report on the manufacturing of a multilayer Laue lens (MLL) consisting of a multilayer stack with three materials: molybdenum and silicon as the absorber and spacer layer, respectively, and carbon as transition layers. The design has four layers per period: Mo/C/Si/C. It yields 6000 zones and provides an aperture of 50·µm. This allows the MLL structure to accept a large portion of the coherent part of the beam and to achieve a small spot size. The MLL deposition was made by magnetron sputtering at the Fraunhofer IWS, and the sectioning was done by laser cutting and subsequent focused ion beam milling to a thickness that provides a good efficiency for a photon energy of 12·keV. The diffraction efficiency as a function of the tilting angle has been measured at beamline 1-BM of the Advanced Photon Source. An efficiency of almost 40% has been achieved. This shows that the material system performs well compared to MLLs made of two-materials and that it is in excellent agreement with the numerically calculated efficiency for a comparable molybdenum/silicon bilayer system lens. We conclude that the three material system offers high efficiencies and is advantageous for stress reduction in MLLs.
Publisher Applied Physics Letters
Identifier 0
Citation Applied Physics Letters 110 (2017) Art.No. 111905
Authors Kubec, A. ; Maser, J. ; Formanek, P. ; Franke, V. ; Braun, S. ; Gawlitza, P. ; Leson, A. ; Macrander, A.

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