Title The removal of stickies with modified starch and chitosan - highly cationic and hydrophobic types compared with unmodified ones
Date 04.09.2012
Number 31783
Abstract The removal of dissolved and colloidal substances (DCS) in paper cycling water, so called stickies, with tailored natural polymers, having cationic as well as hydrophobic groups, was investigated using model suspensions made by the recycling of paper. The sticky content, characterized by the turbidity, the anionic charge, and the total organic carbon content (TOC) was increased by the addition of latex. The dynamic surface tension was established as useful tool for the characterization of the sticky content.<br /><br />The sticky removal using the starch derivatives (with benzyl- as well as ethyl-substituents), from very low up to high cationic charge and N-(benzyl)chitosan was compared. Depending on the properties of the derivatives two possible mechanisms can be found: “charge dominated removal” or “removal dominated by hydrophobicity.” It seems that turbidity and TOC are lowered especially due to charge interaction whereas the increase of the surface tension is mainly caused by the hydrophobic character of the modified natural polymers.
Publisher Carbohydrate Polymers
Citation Carbohydrate Polymers 90 (2012) 1712-1718
Authors Petzold, G. ; Petzold-Welcke, K. ; Qi, H. ; Stengel, K. ; Schwarz, S. ; Heinze, T.

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