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PD Dr. Marina Saphiannikova (Grenzer)

Material Theory and Modeling
+49 351 4658 597 +49 351 4658 752

Starting from 1st of January 2015, Dr. Marina Grenzer is a scientist in the Institute Theory of Polymers, where she leads the group "Material Theory and Modeling"

Dr. Grenzer publishes her papers under the maiden name Saphiannikova.

Fields of research

  • theory and simulations of photosensitive materials
  • mechanical properties of magneto-sensitive elastomers
  • modeling of mechanical reinforcement in filled polymers


1982 – 1988Studies at Physical Department of Leningrad State University
1991 – 1994 PhD studies, Institute of Macromolecular Compounds (IMC), Russian Academy of Science (RAS), St. Petersburg
1995PhD in phys.-math. sciences
1997 -1998  

Royal Society/NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship, Bristol University, UK

2007Habilitation, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University Potsdam

Employment history

1988-2000Researcher, IMC RAS, St. Petersburg
2000-2005Scientist, Institute of Physics, Potsdam University
since 2005Scientist, Institute of Polymer Materials, IPF Dresden
since 2007Head of the group “Modeling of Polymer Materials”, IPF Dresden
since 2014Head of the group “Material Theory and Modeling”, IPF Dresden

Professional Activities

  • Scientific Speaker of Program Area „Theory of Polymers“, IPF Dresden
  • Privat-Dozent „Rheology of complex fluids“, TU Dresden
  • Member of „AcademiaNet“ of Robert-Bosch-Stiftung
  • Member of the steering committee of the DFG priority programme SPP 1713