Stabilization and destabilization of dispersions

Dr. Simona Schwarz

The interactions between polyelectrolytes, particles and other ingredients like surfactants play an important role in many industrial processes and applications such as paints and coatings, paper industry, cosmetics, or oil and water purification.

Fields of work

  • Improvement of the dispersion (formulation) stability by innovative and environmentally friendly materials (tailor-made polyelectrolyte complex nano- particles)
  • Particle characterization (charge, size, shape and morphology)
  • Preparation of stable, highly concentrated (nano)particle containing dispersions
  • Detailed investigation of demixing processes in the presence of polyelectrolytes, epecially the separation of organic wastes such as dyes, acrylates or oils
  • Sticky removal with natural based polymers - Highly cationic and hydrophobic types compared with unmodified ones
  • Comparison between synthetic and natural polyelectrolytes (modified starch, chitosan)


  • Gudrun Petzold
  • Mandy Mende
  • Sabine Genest
  • Marina Oelmann
  • Christine Steinbach


  • Radiation curing of water-based nano-composite varnishes
  • Structurally uniform polyelectrolyte complexes. Their use in the solid/liquid separation 
  • Novel flocculation agents on the base of polyelectrolyte complexes containing NaPAMPS
  • Syntesis of polymer flocculants as powders by high viscosity technology
  • Development of  technologies for the application of water based coatings
  • Suspoemulsions in presence of polyelectrolytes
  • Natural polymers as flocculants
  • Conditioning of heavy metal containing industrial effluents by means of synthetic polyelectrolytes as well as their combination, 11/2011 - 10/2013
  • Biopolymers as flocculants for emulsions, 08/2011 - 10/2013
  • Design and regeneration of polymer particles for the adsorption deinking process, 11/2012 - 04/2015


  • Prof. Großmann, TU Dresden
  • Dr. Lieske, IAP Golm
  • Prof. Laschewsky, IAP Golm
  • Dr. Bohrisch, Dr. Paulke, IAP Golm
  • Prof. Heinze, Dr. Petzold, Uni Jena
  • Dr. Dragan, Dr. Mihai, Institut Petru Poni, IASI, Rumänien
  • Dr. Bratskaya, Vladivostok, Russland
  • Prof. Licea, Tijuana, Mexiko
  • Dr. Möbus, DAW, Oberrammstadt
  • Prof. Lerche,, Berlin
  • Dr. Nitzsche, Ing. Büro Malvern Mütek, Kirschau
  • Prof. Heppe, Biolog, Halle


  • Methods for the separation of suspended solids
  • Separation of suspended solids with colloidal flocculants


  • Polyelectrolyte Analytics